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“Eternal Pink”, auction of an extremely rare pink diamond.

“Eternal Pink”, a “rare among the rare” pink diamond, will be sold at auction by Sotheby’s.

A pink diamond of rare and exceptional purity will be put on sale on June 8, 2023 in New York (United States), at the Sotheby's auction house. The latter announced the news on Twitter by calling the object “the brightest pink diamond to appear on the market”.

The auctions will be organized as part of a special jewelry sales week. The value of the 10.57-carat precious stone is estimated at $35 million, or just over 32 million euros.

10.57 carat “impurity free” gemstone

This 10.57-carat precious stone, said to be “without impurity”, extracted in 2019 from a mine in Botswana then weighed 23.78 carats in the rough.

“Valued at approximately $3.3 million per carat, or just over $35 million, this is the highest estimate per carat for a gemstone on the market,” says sales boss Alexander Eblen. of jewelry for Sotheby's

An extremely rare pink diamond soon to be auctioned in New York

The all-time record for the sale price of a pink diamond was reached in Hong Kong in 2017, at $71.2 million. The Williamson pink diamond was also sold in Hong Kong in 2022 for $57.7 million.

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