Portrait de Heidi Horten portant ses bijoux et une robe violette

Heidi Horten's jewelry: a controversial auction

In May 2023, the jewelry of the late billionaire, Heidi Horten , will be auctioned by Christie's, in Geneva and online.

The jewelry collection, made up of more than 700 pieces from prestigious houses such as Bulgari, Tiffany & Co, Van Cleef and Arpels, and Cartier, is estimated at around 150 million euros.

Heidi Horten's ring

However, questions are being raised about the origins of Heidi Horten and her late husband's fortune. Indeed, according to historians, the latter would have been a member of the Nazi party, and would have taken advantage of the destitution of Jewish property during the war to enrich himself.

Faced with these discoveries, it was decided that a large part of Christie's commission from this auction will be donated to an organization that advances research and education on the Holocaust.

Photo of a pendant belonging to Heidi Horten

On the other hand, the profits from the sale will go to the Heidi Horten Foundation , created in 2021, which supports medical research, child protection and other philanthropic activities that the late billionaire supported.

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