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It is to ensure the development of the Fine Jewelry brand that the office at 27, rue Saint-Georges is opening its doors in 2023.

The Saint-Georges district, a real village within the city, brings calm and serenity for the teams in place.

The two large windows on the street allow us to offer a selection of jewelry in Silver and Vermeil in order to satisfy the numerous French and foreign tourists who walk the street, before reaching Saint-Jean, the quays of Saône or the hill of Fourvière .

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  • 27 rue saint georges

Saint-Georges district

Saint-Georges is one of the three districts that make up Old Lyon, with Saint-Jean and Saint-Paul. It, which almost disappeared in the 1960s, has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1998.

Gateway to the South of Lyon, it stands out in particular from its direct neighbor (Saint-Jean) by the compromise it offers between the charm of this historic place and tranquility. With its narrow, cobbled streets, its
numerous climbs to access the Fourvière hill, Saint-Georges delights tourists who like to stroll in a peaceful environment and who are fully charmed by a district in full renewal, particularly by the presence of artisan and designer boutiques to offer them a unique and authentic experience.

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