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Where your jewelry comes to life

It is here, in her “stall”, a term she likes to use, that the designer welcomes you, in order to exchange, and create together, a unique piece starting from a blank sheet of paper, or a piece of jewelry. existing family to bring up to date.

After several years spent in the 7th arrondissement, Louise Vurpas settled in the city center, in the heart of the historic jewelers' district in the 1st arrondissement, of which she is today an essential figure. This was the opportunity to create a beautiful workshop-boutique, in collaboration with a renowned Lyon architect, fully reflecting his personality: an eye for detail and a taste for beautiful materials. Not to mention her windows, which she likes to imagine and renew regularly.

Nothing is missing from the designer's workbench: dies, hand rolling mill, fire point, tweezers, metric triboulet, dowel, to ensure perfect work.

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This arrival at 5, Rue Chavanne is fully consistent with the new direction that the designer is giving to her work, more jewelry-oriented, allowing her to diversify her clientele, very sensitive to her creations, her sense of relationships, of a job well done and of client satisfaction.

Jewelers Quarter

For 4 years now, Louise Vurpas has moved her workplace to the very heart of the Golden Triangle. Close to rue du Bât-d'Argent, she rubs shoulders with the big names in Lyon's fine jewelry, as well as all the different trades, with whom she works on a daily basis: setters, diamond cutters, foundries, engravers, etc. .

the pantry


It is to ensure the development of Fine Jewelry that the office at 27, rue Saint-Georges is opening its doors in 2023.

The Saint-Georges district, a real village within the city, brings calm and serenity for the teams in place.

The two large windows on the street allow us to offer a selection of jewelry in Silver and Vermeil in order to satisfy the numerous French and foreign tourists who walk the street, before reaching Saint-Jean, the quays of Saône or the hill of Fourvière .

  • 27 rue saint georges

Saint-Georges district

Saint-Georges is one of the three districts that make up Old Lyon, with Saint-Jean and Saint-Paul. It, which almost disappeared in the 1960s, has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1998.

Gateway to the South of Lyon, it stands out in particular from its direct neighbor (Saint-Jean) by the compromise it offers between the charm of this historic place and tranquility. With its narrow, cobbled streets, its
numerous climbs to access the Fourvière hill, Saint-Georges delights tourists who like to stroll in a peaceful environment and who are fully charmed by a district in full renewal, particularly by the presence of artisan and designer boutiques to offer them a unique and authentic experience.